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3D Printing in Elk Grove, CA

Elk Grove, California

Located in Elk Grove, CA, our advanced custom 3D printing service excels at bringing creative visions to life. Serving clients throughout the greater Sacramento area, we offer capabilities for both individualized and bulk orders, ranging from 1 to 1000 units. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art Bambu Lab X1 Carbon printers, renowned for their precision and flexibility. This cutting-edge technology allows us to work with a wide variety of printing materials, accommodating diverse project specifications. We manage varying order complexities and volumes with remarkable efficiency, often achieving impressive turnaround times, including same-day service for certain projects. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional quality and expedited service, ensuring your ideas are realized with the utmost efficiency and precision.

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Bambu Labs Carbon x1-Carbon Printer

Latest Technology

In our state-of-the-art production process, we leverage the exceptional capabilities of the Bambu Labs X1-Carbon printers, renowned for their high-speed and precision. A standout feature is our ability to print up to 16 colors simultaneously with specific materials, enabling us to create vibrant and detailed products with ease. Alongside these advanced printers, we utilize the Automated Material System (AMS) from Bambu Labs, which optimizes material handling and further enhances our workflow efficiency. This combination of multi-color printing technology and automated material management ensures not only exceptional product quality but also a marked increase in our production efficiency.


Our advanced 3D printing service utilizes a wide range of materials, including PLA, ABS, PETG, Tough PLA, ASA, Nylon, Metal, Carbon Fiber, Polycarbonate, PC-ABS, Polypropylene, and TPU. Thanks to our enclosed chambers, we can print with virtually any material, enhancing the quality and precision of our prints. This capability ensures we meet diverse project requirements with exceptional results.

Material Colors

Our 3D printing service offers an extensive range of color options to bring your projects to life with vibrant detail. We can print with multi-color materials, allowing for intricate and colorful designs, including the capability to print up to 16 colors simultaneously with certain materials. Additionally, we provide a variety of finishes, including metallic, matte, glossy, and silk, to match the specific aesthetic requirements of your project. Whether you need a sleek and professional look or a bold and eye-catching design, our versatile color capabilities ensure your creations stand out with the perfect finish.

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