At Casper Werke, my father, Gary Casper, and I, Christopher Casper, share a story of unwavering commitment and a passion for preserving the past for a thriving future. Our legacy spans generations, reflecting our mastery of this craft.

Our dedication stems from a deep appreciation for mechanical heritage's intricacies. Our mission is singular: to ensure that machinery from the past continues to inspire, function, and evoke nostalgia, even when factory support and aftermarket options fade away.

From classic cars to vintage tractors, our expertise shines in automotive, agricultural, and industrial projects. We go beyond restoration, offering reverse engineering and custom fabrication to revive parts with precision. At Casper Werke, we celebrate legacy, embody expertise, and commit to a future where the stories woven into machinery endure through time, powering innovation for generations to come.

  • Christopher Casper


  • Gary Casper

    Chief Engineer