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Casper Werke

ZX2 Low Poly Art Car

ZX2 Low Poly Art Car

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Step into the world of modern art with our Ford ZX2-inspired 3D printed art car. Each model, showcasing a unique blend of contemporary design and classic automotive elegance, is printed on demand, ensuring personal attention to detail. Please note that there is a lead time of one week for each piece, reflecting the care and precision put into its creation.

Crafted in a distinctive low poly style from durable and eco-friendly PLA material, this art car captures the sleek essence of the ZX2 with a modern, geometric twist. While the printing process employs precise support structures to maintain the integrity of the design, some areas on the underside of the print may have a rough texture due to overhangs and supports used during printing. This characteristic adds to the authenticity and unique charm of each piece, making it not just an item of interest for car enthusiasts but also a compelling piece of art for collectors.

Note: Wheels will come separate and will need to be glued on with superglue.

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